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Where are you? Why do you hide?
Where is that "perfect" ML model that leads to our demise?
Just like the Rage:MKR goes in search of his AI uncontrolled
I search for love, for an (unpredictable) algorithm to have and scold hold
Yep, it's 2020.  And there will be yet another James Bond film blessing us with its presence.  And if you know your spy films, you'd know that No Time to Pi will be the 25th instalment. If you also know your IANA TCP port allocations, you will recognise that this magic number is also the designated port for SMTP*.

So here's an unencrypted message transmission to you (via umpteen untrusted servers and several nosey intelligence agencies).  To celebrate this occasion, we're going to interrogate our AWS IoT Analytics data using QuickSight and Jupyter Notebooks, then poorly execute a bit of machine learning on our helpless IoT data with the help of our obedient minion: Scikit-learn.

Ladies and gentlemen... please sit back and enjoy this be…

SD:S3 The Untold Love Story

This is a stereotypical love story of the shamelessly festive variety, of how two seemingly different storage mediums defy all doom-mongers and naysayers to conquer the world - together.

The premise of this story is so ludicrous, the ending so unsatisfying, that this is all we have to say about when Barry the SD card met Ally the S3 bucket... for now.

If you are allergic to even a little sprinkle of holiday sentimentality, it might be best for your health to abandon this post... right about now.
Sleepless in Seattle, Amazon HQ: After our recent intrepid detours taken outdoors, equipped with a bag full of electronics, we've been attempting to refocus our efforts on some things that are much closer to home.  And to get back on to the AWS IoT portfolio devised by that cloud mega corp headquartered out in Seattle.

To this end, here's the shamelessly melodramatic screenplay that even Richard Curtis would find too embarrassing to draft for Nickelodeon.

We will be using an ESP32 deve…