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Facial deconstruction

There comes a time in everyone's life when they realise that their hobby is getting out of control.  And if there was ever a bright red, extra-large, "go-and-join-your-local-roboticists-anonymous" warning flag about when your little robotics project is being taken too seriously (and it's actually not so little any more), it’s when a 3D printer arrives in your home. Yes, that's right.  DIY robotics is about to be dialled up to 11.  We'll grow to love the (slightly sweet) smell of PLA in the morning. We’re pleased to announce that Rosie Patrol is about to receive a long overdue makeover, and be given a random digit with a meaningless decimal point just because .  Get ready.  Rosie Patrol is about to be painstakingly updated to become Rosie 2.0 (pronounced two-point-ohhhhhhhh).  Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing. All superheroes need: Can you guess what you need if you want to do some 3D printing?  Anyone?  Yes?  Clearly, you'll need some