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There is one little thing that has started to bother us.  All these un spectacular robot enhancements, all these limited robot movements, is bound to result in something.  Something dark and sinister.  Is that something "singularity" , in which autonomous vacuum cleaners surpass the intelligence of human beings and end up hoovering us all up?  Doubtful.  But, heat.  Definitely. Everyone knows that machines get hot (and not in the look-at-me-on-Instagram sort of way).  And Rosie 2.0 is no different.  When all her electronics and motors are in full flow, we need some way to cool her down.  She just needs to - quite literally - chill out. And how hard could that task possibly be?  Are we about to make a mountain out of a mole hill ? Let's get our hands on a temperature sensor and find out the answer for ourselves.  And let's be quick.  Because we might just have to build ourselves a survivalist bunker in our backyard to evade the marauding terror twins