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Soreen seems to be the hardest word

Let us prove to you, that we did pay attention in English literature class, especially the one about George Orwell 's dystopian classic, Beverly Hills 1984 . In the post-apocalyptic landscape that is Brexit Britain (in a somewhat unspecified time in the future... don't quite know when ), the cricket club or bingo syndicate with control over a shipment of Flora reigns supreme over the forsaken island.  Modern day bandits roam National Trust picnic areas armed with sharpened cricket stumps and pointy bingo markers. Meanwhile, hipster pirates raid Waitrose branches of seaside towns from Bournemouth to Blackpool for the "miracle" margarine, the new gold if you will, high on the free coffee*. *Yes, these merciless marauders indeed undertake their marauding equipped with their very own reusable, eco-friendly cups .  While a token banana is purchased from the cafe to be eligible for the offer. Amidst this immense social turmoil, the Groceries Code Adju