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Farcical fartificial intelligence

Human beings can be utterly perplexing sometimes. After all, our species have this (not so) amazing talent to form a totally uninformed opinion on just about everything.  Regardless of whether we know anything about the things that we have become so determined to either a) like, or b) dislike. # BEGIN: Deeply philosophical interlude. What's more, once opinions have been assigned to the mysterious (and somewhat immutable ) data structures defined deep in our (mostly cranial) cavities, they are near-impossible to alter.  It simply becomes a part of us.  Tragically, we know all too well, that this starts to impact our ability to assess facts impartially, especially if they go against our deep-seated views.  And inevitably, this prevents us from making rational, cool-headed decisions on critically important issues.  To top it all off, we like to voice our opinions loudly.  Over. And. Over. Again.  To whomever that listens. # END: Deeply philosophical interlude.  Return to n

Tea minus 30

We're fast approaching Christmas time.  And if robots were to make one simple observation about the human species during the Christmas festivities, it's that they watch a lot of TV.  A LOT.  Often, accompanied by an inappropriate amount of greenhouse gas-producing food .  Stuff you don't normally eat during the remainder of the year - for good reason. And most so-called shows on TV are boring to robots like Rosie.  After all, why watch a minor subspecies of the human race - celebrities - stumble awkwardly around the dance floor, dressed like a faulty, sparking circuit board?  Such branch of entertainment doesn't require robots to engage any of their proud circuitry.  Their processors remain idle.  Memory under-utilised. But if robots are to be part of people's homes (and blend in), they need to look at least a little interested in some of this irrational nonsense .  Nobody likes a party pooper .  A killjoy .  And this is where a certain subgenre of TV