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Wanted: ted or alive

By now, you would have realised that not all technology is useful.  In fact, some are despairingly the opposite.  And stuffing a cuddly teddy bear full of servo motors and plastic in an effort to make it bop to high-tempo dance music rates rather highly on the scale of pointlessness.  So silly... it transpires... that it deserves a rather long post on it.  Obviously. Because once you overcome the acute disappointment associated with discovering that TEDx has nothing to do with teddy bears throwing "X shapes" on the dance floor, you naturally start to wonder: what platforms there are out there for these stuffed mammals to express their inner emotions?  And express them - of course - to 160 beat-per-minute nightclub bangers . So it's time once again to bear with us, because on that rather ridiculous pretence, we'll proceed to lose our bear ings, and bear it all through a (hopefully) laughable attempt at resuscitating a stuffed companion.  Using a Raspberry