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LoRa-Wan Kenobi

In the regurgitated words of Michael Bubl√©: It's a new dawn .  It's a new day .  It's a new Star Wars film .  For me .  And I'm (George Lucas, and I'm) feeling good .  Unfortunately for Canadian Mike, the Grammy that year was won by the novelty disco classic with the famous refrain: We love IoT, even in Planet Tatooine * . *Not true. Clearly, the Star Wars producers didn't sincerely mean the last Jedi the previous time around.  Return of the Jedi, released during the decade that spearheaded cultural renaissance 2.0 with the mullet and hair-metal , was less economic with the truth.  Either way, we're going to take inspiration from the impressive longevity of the money-spinning space-opera and reboot our franchise with some Jedi mind tricks.  Except this particular flick doesn't require an ever-growing cast of unrecognisable characters, unless ASCII or UTF counts.  In place of an ensemble gathering of Hollywood stars and starlets, we will b

Quantitative wheezing

Recent history of earth people is littered with epic examples of data manipulation.  Enron .  Lie-bor .  Bernard made-off with a couple of gazillion .  And the abhorrent scandal that is " shrinkflation ".  Everyone is at it.  Shamelessly fiddling their numbers for their own needs and wants. Well one thing is for sure... we don't like missing out on the action.  Any action.  Even those activities that involve making questionable adjustments in a certain spreadsheet -ing blockbuster from a mega corp based out near Seattle.  And where better to start our apprenticeship in learning to massage the numbers like Leeson in the mid-90s than with a litter tray full of sensor readings obtained by our beloved ESP32 microprocessor. Nevertheless, not so much as after an hour or two, maintaining the ruthless facade of a rogue trader of arbitrary IoT sensor data becomes rather quite tedious and clich √© .  After all, there are perfectly excusable reasons for touching up the