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Unreal TV

Picture the scene. You are a "successful" producer of a string of mind-numbingly boring reality TV shows that have seen ratings the height of Simon Cowell's belt. At your very best, you have provided an invaluable public service by dispatching yesteryear's celebrities to the remote wilderness (only for them to make their way back again, twice as famous). At your worst, one eternal optimist seeking stardom after another have braved your stage to sing yet another rendition of I Will Always Love You... and engaged in the occasional burst of energetic Greek-Cypriot dancing . But you have come to learn a very important lesson of show-business. That the audience always want more. ...So other than (once again) live-streaming housemates sleeping soundly after a heated argument about the direction in which loo roll should dispensed, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve to hold the attention of the modern day audience who are increasingly distracted by In