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Taking a Peak: Xtreme² Edition

  If you have at any point found our eclectic collection of blogs strewn across our site mildly amusing or useful(!), please consider donating to Alzheimer's Research UK . Here's the JustGiving fundraising page related to the significantly less technical (but more brutal) aspect of this endeavour. Thanks! This bizarre obsession of ours to track inherently inanimate objects (often purchased down at the local Morrisons ) using satellites has been simmering under the blisteringly hot Raspberry Pi 4 surface for a while. It began with the epiphany that there was much fun to be had by attaching a GPS receiver to a Raspberry Pi in Beam Me Up, Rosie! before this pastime quickly escalated through an amalgamation of this discovery with our other passion that is more justifiable to our friends and family - the outdoors. Starting with Taking a Peak , our exotic devices began to accompany us on our long treks, but still, very much as a silent observer to the going-ons