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SD:S3 The Untold Love Story

This is a stereotypical love story of the shamelessly festive variety, of how two seemingly different storage mediums defy all doom-mongers and naysayers to conquer the world - together. The premise of this story is so ludicrous, the ending so unsatisfying, that this is all we have to say about when Barry the SD card met Ally the S3 bucket... for now. If you are allergic to even a little sprinkle of holiday sentimentality, it might be best for your health to abandon this post... right about now. Sleepless in Seattle, Amazon HQ: After our recent intrepid detours taken outdoors, equipped with a bag full of electronics, we've been attempting to refocus our efforts on some things that are much closer to home.  And to get back on to the AWS IoT portfolio devised by that cloud mega corp headquartered out in Seattle. To this end, here's the shamelessly melodramatic screenplay that even Richard Curtis would find too embarrassing to draft for Nickelodeon. We will be

Athlete's footnote

According to this incredibly understated and subtle Forbes article , the human race produces approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data everyday - and naughty IoT is to blame for the majority of this rabid data procreation.  Sure, we can't argue with the modest conclusions of the magazine most famous for producing a list of world's top 100 quintillionaires, and world's top quintillion companies.  After all, our very own highly scientific research into worldwide data production entitled Biggie Smalls Data (summarised on the greasy rear of a Hobgoblin beer mat) too concluded that 2.49 quintillion bytes of that total volume ( ± a 2.49 quintillion margin of error) is actually generated by hacked Samsung-Weyland-Yutani Corporation Internet-connected fridges engaging in distributed denial of service attacks. Against "smart" cat flaps, online toasters, self-aware light-bulbs and - of significantly less concern to our elected officials - entire nation state