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Bruce's Site is Wise

Bruce is a proud, hard-working factory owner of the traditional ilk. He inexplicably owns a nondescript, prefabricated concrete building on the outskirts of Swindon equipped with a good-fashioned conveyor belt which certifies him as a respected industrialist. The true beating heart of the British economy. An employer of many (or, actually, none). Nobody knows what his corporation makes, although curious locals have noticed late night arrivals of articulated lorries, and a mountain of discarded Cadbury wrappers and 2 litre bottles of Sprite . So what keeps Bruce awake at night (apart from the diet of sugar)? When door-stepped during a Panorama special - Britain's Shady Entrepreneurs: Living the Creme - by an investigative reporter from BBC West , he coyly replied that it is this: How do I - Bruce, an upstanding member of the community - "collect, store, organise and monitor data from my industrial equipment at scale"? ...And we categorically deny all accusation