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Frozen Pi

It's no secret that this blog once harboured aspirations to hit the dizzying heights of advanced robotics on a meagre budget.  Rather foolishly - armed with a Raspberry Pi (or two) and an assortment of motors procured from eBay - we believed that we could start our very own Tyrell Corporation , and in essence, create a fleet of replicants experiencing a distinctly human mid-life crisis. We have seemingly succeeded in stumbling through over 30 little experiments , with a couple of random "projects" to boot.  Yet the holy grail of creating a paranoid android that forces Harrison Ford to become uncharacteristically philosophical about what it means to not(?!) be a robot, or even the goal to fabricate ourselves Dolly the electric sheep, seem even more far-fetched now than the plot of a typical Uwe Boll film. But it hasn't all been in vain. Because where we have landed is where most other avid tinkerers of microprocessors and electronics eventually end up...